700 & Giveaway

It all started on November 14, 2006.

And now, just over 5 years later, I present to you my 700th post.

To celebrate, I’m giving some stuff away:

I will ship anywhere in the world.  Leave a comment below and I will pick a random winner based on those who comment here and on YouTube.

Disclosure: This is an unsponsored post, but some of the giveaway items have been collected through Klout, Popchips, DTDash and Hipmunk.

Top 10 Posts of 2011

Here are the top 10 best/favorite blog posts I wrote in 2011:

No. 10:

My Mom Thinks I had a Blonde Hair Blue-Eyed Baby – posted on October 24th.

The title says it all.

No. 9:

Thoughts from Places: #SFNYE – posted on January 14th.

As we waited for the trolley to take us on an adventure.  I noticed that many people were waiting too.  They were all waiting for the forthcoming trolley.  Some waited in large groups while others waited alone.  But we all waited.  I can’t help but think that everyone was waiting for an adventure.  In life, we often wait for an adventure to come and take us away.  For some people, adventures comes often.  While others would wait until the can’t wait anymore and go elsewhere to wait, only to do the same a leave.  But many just wait until the adventure arrives, only to hop and go where it takes them.

No. 8:

The Parting of Ways – posted on August 31st.

You were the Doctor & I was your companion.  But at times I felt like the Doctor and you were my companion.  Either way, it is in the parting of the ways that we must now say goodbye.  There was much triumph and death during our time together, but that is to be expected when spending time with the Doctor.  Now, it is time to say goodbye. It is the journey’s end, but know that I will always turn left.

No. 7:

The Little Things – posted November 20th.

After the simple and ever so beautiful wedding of my dear friend Jo, I boarded the shuttle bus to the reception. Sitting across the aisle from me, I struck a conversation with them. I was alone. I should probably try to be social. I found out that they were related to the bride. As for them, I used my joke of the night on them, “Contrary to popular belief, I’m not related to the bride.” See, the bride is half Filipino and there were a lot of Asians present; especially little old Asian women, they were out in full force. They laughed and found out I was a friend from college.

No. 6:

Klout Perks Gave Me a Chevy Volt! – posted on September 6th.

A couple weekends ago, Klout Perks hooked me up with a Chevy Volt.  I asked you guys what you wanted me to do and I did it.  Watch the video for me having a girl in the back seat, driving 0-60 and pulling a green drive-thru prank.

No. 5:

No Pants Subway Ride 2011 – posted on January 10th.

Yesterday, NicoleMarieSays & I braved the cold (though technically it was a heat wave compared to last year) temperatures and participated in the no pants subway ride in Chicago.  You know you want to click to see some sexy legs.

No. 4:

How to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day – posted on March 16th.

Seeing how I’m an honorary Irish, I decided to go around Chicago and ask all minorities and non-Irish people how one can be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  Let’s just say there was a lot of hilarity.

No. 3:

Can I Touch It? – posted on January 18th.

Anyways, so there I was waiting for the light to turn green and bored out of my mind when I noticed the median.  I still had another 30 seconds to burn and my car was close enough to the median that I could touch it.  Could, but can I actually touch it?  And so, I put my left arm outside the window and leaned over.  Almost.  Just about.  And no.  Alas, I was just an inch too short.  (TWSS).

No. 2:

Jet Fuel Excites Me – posted on May 27th.

Luggage at my side, I stare down the empty block before me where my apartment resides.  It was not long ago when my alarm woke me up at the ungodly but familiar hour of 4.  Waking up a 4 AM to embark on my next adventure has become quite the past time.

No. 1:

This is Not Weird at All – posted on December 1st.

“You’re short!” She said.

“You’re tall!” I replied.

Great first words for meeting for the first time. We hugged again just to make sure that this was real. It was. Phampants & Tezzitoo together at last.

“This is not weird at all.” Terri said. I couldn’t agree more.

Now is present. The past will come later.

There is a lot that hasn’t been told this year.  There’s a lot more that I have forgotten to write. I know many of you are curious about my adventures down under in Australia and New Zealand.  Others are curious about the random than the adventure.  All of those will come in due time.  Now, I’m just going to enjoy and live in the present.  I will recap the past later.  Until then…


So @DrivingMidwest was impressed with what I did with the Chevy Volt, they asked me if I wanted to test drive another car.  Seeing how I spent just under $1000 this year on car maintenance, I had no qualms test driving a new car.  Oh to remember the days when my car smelled like new and not farts now.

When the Chevy Sonic was delivered to me at work on Thursday, I couldn’t help but smile.  It was Orange.

Now I know orange is not your typical car color but I have a thing for the color.  Orange was my favorite color growing up.  Orange & Blue were my Fighting Illini’s colors.  And orange works perfectly for Halloween.

Too bad the Illini football team was playing away this weekend, otherwise I would have driving it down to Chambana & paraded this orange buggy down Green St and all through campus.  I would have totally owned college football this weekend.  But alas, since it was an away game, I did the next best thing.  I went for Halloween tricks.

I dressed up my Chevy Sonic as a jack-o-lantern, picked up my friend Dave (@rookiephenom) and we drove around Chicago tweeting & Trick-or-Treating everyone we could find.

We drove all around Chicago giving candy to little kids, drunken 20-somethings, other cars, a wedding party & even a segway gang.  It was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t until we were more than 3/4 through when we realized yell, “Free candy!” from a car was actually kinda wrong.  Okay, very wrong.  But at least we had good intentions.

If you want to see the video of the #SonicWeen, click & watch below!

That being said, I’d like to thank @DrivingMidwest for this fun opportunity.  I hope everyone have a safe & fun Halloween.


Disclosure: I was given a free car through @DrivingMidwest. I was under no obligation to receive the car or talk about Chevrolet. I get no additional benefits for talking about the car or Chevrolet.

My Mother is a YouTube Troll

Yesterday morning, I woke up with this in my YouTube inbox:

The message was directed to my dear friend Karen who has appeared in many of my videos.  For awhile, she was a nanny for AAron & Stephanie, regulars on the running channel vlogs, and did vlogs with their baby girl.  Even though she states that she is a nanny, people would still mistaken the baby for hers.

I ignored the message until I got an email from Karen:

“O.M.G.  HA.”

I looked back and finally read the message realizing the person thought Karen & I had a baby.  Remember, this is me who we are talking about.  A grossly single & no luck with girls having a kid with Karen, the person who uses me as a punching bag.  A baby?  WOW!

To which I responded:

“Omg is right! Hilarious!”

That is until I noticed the username: 77360645.

At first, I thought those were just random numbers.  Then my eyes broke up the numbers into something that I can recognize:  773  & 60645.

773 is one of Chicago area codes.  60645 is the zip code where I grew up 15 years of my life. It then all dawned on me.  I promptly emailed Karen back saying:

“Omg!  That is my mother! She thinks I had a kid with you.”

Folks, my mother thought I had a baby with my friend Karen.  Might I also add that the video is over almost 2 years old, so she probably thinks I’m hiding a toddler & grandchild from her.  I will add that her stating the baby is cute is a false statement.  She is using it as a coy way to get a response.

My own mother thinks I have a secret baby.  What. The. Eff?

I hate to admit this but Internet, my mother is a YouTube troll. I am so ashamed.