During the great American holiday of Thanksgiving, one should ask him/herself about what s/he is thankful for. Well, many people can ramble off the typical stuff: family, friends, a job, etc. Others would be slightly bitter about their shortcomings. However, what about the smaller things that we often don’t notice and give thanks to?

Björn, my German neighbor, has been one of the biggest surprises all year. As I was telling Björn before he left, my greatest regret was not knocking on his door earlier. He was such a wonderful and genuine (also beautiful according to the my female friends) friend that I was able to know these past few weeks. Alas, he has returned to Deutschland but both he and I know we shall keep in contact.

Quigley has been an immense blessing to me this year and I am ever more greatful. From the chance to working at the Q, to working with amazing collegues, and the fun but wacky kids has made this year of transition from “happy world” to the real world, ever so much easier.

One great thing I am thankful for is finishing the Chicago Turkey Trot in Lincoln Park. It was an 8K. Do know that I haven’t ran in 3 weeks and the most I ever had done was 3K. Let’s just say I’m thankful that I finished because someone inspired me to do so. One must give a lot in terms of Wheat in order to love. As for other things I am thankful for are plain & typical, but as with everyone, the typical things often means the most.


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