Welcome to Zombo


There are so much random and useless junk on the Internet. Zombo is one that I came across today from a collegue. Wow…people have so much time to waste on the Internet when they could be more productive. Has the Internet come to replace the idiot box (TV)? I know I have spent way too much time online wasting away on useless things such as Facebook or just idling. But I ask you, what is the most random and/or intriguing thing you found on the World Wide Web?


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Zombo

  1. Have yet to come across anything totally random.

    The other night I had a look at one of the search engine sites (unfortunately i can’t remember the site name or I would give you the link -if it comes back to me I’ll let you know!) and was slightly mesmorized by the random words floating past and regularly being updated.

    One word kept repeating.

    The word was “kinkajou”

    I had no idea what it meant.

    Every day we can learn something new.

    That to me is the beauty of the net and is why it has become IMO far superior to TV

    PS- Glad you enjoyed my prank!

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