Me is gone, only You exist.

It’s been one year, about the exact time since I had my freak accident at Fever House. For those of you who don’t remember or don’t know, I severed 2.6 tendons in my right hand. I just finished my two hardest finals, both of them papers, with two more to go. I cooked dinner for Kara that night since it would be one of the last few nights we would spend together before break and we had a nice dinner up in the attic. (Yes, I kicked Wayne & MC out). Kara & I were studying and Wayne was back in his half of the attic, making coffee and made some comment about him being ADD, when I made one critical mistake. I went downstairs (for what reason I don’t remember) and I came back up with Wayne’s “You” and “Me” cups.

I remember Wayne stating that he doesn’t like his two cups being part of the community dishes, so I was cleaning out the dishwasher and saw them. Being a nice person and roommate, I decided to do him a favor and carry them upstairs. As I was going upstairs with both the cups in my right hand, I saw MC in the sitting room reading. I made the turn up into the attic where Kara was waiting for me and Wayne was being Wayne when…


I slipped on the first step and fell right into the stairs. I blacked out for a second and then I opened my eyes and realized that I tripped. I looked at my right hand and realized that there was only one cup in my hand and there was a lot of blood. My pulse increased sharply but I kept a leveled mind and ran upstairs. Matt was still reading while Wayne & Kara were wondering what the heck the sound was. Even Oswald, who was in his room, wonder what the huge noise was.

After putting my hand under the sink and rinsed off the ungodly amount of blood on my hand, I yelled out, “Uhhh…Hospital!” Only to hear a reply from MC, “Oh, it can’t be that bad.” I followed him with a reply, “I think I see bone!” Not a moment later, MC was out the door and starting the car when he saw the blood on the stairs. I quickly grabbed a towel and ran downstairs CAREFULLY and I was out the door following MC as he drove me to the hospital.

I can’t voucher what happened at Fever after I left, but Wayne told me that he and Kara were able to piece together what happened and was shocked at the events. He then commended me for me being so calm and knowing what to do, only to add, “You broke my mug!” Oswald just shivered and cringed back into his room once he saw the blood. And poor Kara just waited patiently for me until Oswald took her home, though she did leave me a note thanking me for dinner. =)

Meanwhile, at the hospital, I was sitting in the ER room waiting for the doctor to tell me what happened. They took x-rays of my hand to make sure that there were no fragments and the made sure that no x-rays found ways into my crotch. I thank them for being concerned of my future children. Anyways, as I was waiting, I looked at my hand and saw the tendons showing in my pinky. I was like “Ooo, this is cool” and flexed a couple times before I felt sick and had to turn away.

The doctor told me that I severed 2.6 extensor tendons and that I would need surgery to reconnect them. All he could do tonight was stitch together the skin and put me into a split. It wasn’t until past 3 am when I came home. I was exhausted and I realized that I was on the top bunk. Luckily MC was nice to switch with me.

Man what a night that was! And it all happened because I was being nice! Anyways, it’s a year later now and my hand is not 100%. I don’t think I will ever get full strength back. The scars are still very visible and on cold days, my hands ache with severe pain. To make things worse, Izzy decides to greet me with a knuckle punch on the hand. Damn you Izzy! At least I have the use of my hand again. Oh, Wayne & Andy, just for good times sake…”HAND!”

So for all of you, the moral of the story is that you should never be nice and do a favor for someone because you will end up in a hospital needing surgery and having costly bills to pay. However, on the bright side, you can never be enlisted to be a soldier because you are now physically handicapped.



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