Dear Santa,

I am good. I just pulled the best prank yet! For those of you who don’t know, the vice-principal of Quigley, who also is my boss, is known as Santa Claus around here. A few years ago, a student kept on calling him Santa and leaving him notes of what he wanted for Christmas. So Marty sought revenge and left a bag of coal in the student’s locker.

Two years later, Marty is still called Santa and he knows he can’t avoid it anymore. That being the case, he now accepts his new identity and plays along. That being said, I decide to play along too.

When I graduated, I pulled my best prank on Marty by stealing his name plate and making him believe that it was someone else for 6 months. When the prank was all over, Marty admitted that I made him look like a fool. Now, when I was hired this past August, I was expecting Marty to seek his revenge and pull a prank on me. It’s December and he has yet to do so. Therefore, the ball is back in my court.

Last night, Mr. Gorz and I decorated Marty’s office into the North Pole. With some additional help from the faculty & staff, we manage to pull of the best prank on Marty ever! Let’s say Marty never expected the prank to continue inside his office. Pham 2 – Marty 0.

UPDATE: Here are the pictures…

Outside Marty’s Office

Rudolph greeting SantaSanta’s Office

Santa, I was good this year


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