500 lbs Gorilla

So today, thanks to the gracious help from 3 work study kids, we (as in those 3) tossed out and recycled over 500 lbs of PC equipment that has been in storage for years. My predecessor, Fr. Zi, never threw anything away. He claimed that he can use them for parts. Honestly, I found a 486 Intel chip today, parts?!?!?! come on!

The attic is now clean and virtually empty, while the cabinets are bare. Manuals dating back to MSDOS days were thrown out by the dozens along side with 5 3/4 inch floppys. I’m glad I was not here in the summer when they threw away Apple IIs. Unfortunately, I am not able future progress in Quigley’s technology as I hoped, today was only a taste of what I would have done. I felt bad since they were doing almost all the grunt work, but I had to tie up lose ends before leaving for break. I gave them a lot of hours though in return for the amazing work.

On another note, does it happen to you such that your minds is set on one thing but your heart differs and is set on another, most likely the opposite of what the mind wants? That has been happening to me a lot and there has been no reconciliation between the mind and the heart. Such goes the say, “It is the heart that matters.” But what do you do when you cannot set your mind into the manners and matters of the heart?

My mind says I’m ready for Christmas, but my heart begs to differ.


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