Sometimes do you just want to scream? I do right now and I can feel the scream building from within. However, I always need to remember that I’m more mature than that. “Just suck it up and do it with your all,” I would then say to myself. Honestly, the easy way out sucks but the hard way makes me ponder if it’s worth it in the end. I know it is, but right now I’m far from the end. Well, here’s to one long journey of trust, hope, and faith in God!


One thought on “Ahhh!

  1. It’s funny you should mention that. First thing I did this morning was check on a blog I occasionally comment on, only to find, my last comment had been removed. Not because it was offensive but, I’m assuming, the authoress has rigid ideas as to what constitutes a ‘relevant’ comment. My reply to her reply obviously didn’t fit the bill. And so…

    I wanted to scream… and then I wanted to make manifest that scream in a comment-rant. But I didn’t. I stepped back from it. Now I’m just mildly pissed; enough to warrant mentioning it in your comment space.

    I hope this is deemed appropriate to your post and will not be removed.


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