Iraq’s New Day

I delayed posting this because I was not sure what to think about when it happened. As we all well know now, Saddam Hussein is dead. The news has been going berserk ever since there was rumors of his impending hanging. Yet, here I am laid back and trying to decide what to make of this.

No, I am not apathetic of Saddam’s death. Part of me is playing the Munkenins tune from the “Wizard of Oz”…

Ding! Dong! The Witch is dead! The Witch is dead. Ding! Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead!

It is undeniable of how inhumane and horrible Saddam was; the things he did while he reigned was a disgrace to the Iraqi’s and humanity. However, the other side of this lays in the fact that I am pro-life. As the fact I am against abortion, I am pro-life in all other matters; that means the death penalty & capital punishment. Though one can argue if Saddam is exiled, there is a chance he can escape or even attempt to control Iraq again through others. Yes, but how humane are we when we turn the tide and kill him after he killed others. An eye for an eye is not the law. Revenge and retribution through extreme means is not how humanity should function. If so, then how are we to act?

What done is done. Now we need to get out of Iraq as soon as we can, BUT not jepordize the transition. We cannot leave a country in turmoil or possible civil war for a war that we started. We must finish it, but we also must bring our troops home safe.


One thought on “Iraq’s New Day

  1. Maybe this comment will help alleviate your pain over killing Saddam. Think of him as CANCER. In order to rid the cancer, you must kill it by removing it forever, so it will not continue to infect the remainder of your body and ultimately kill you. Had Saddam remained alive, even if incarcerated, he would have been a catalyst for others to follow in his footsteps and imitate him. The people with this inclination need to know their cancer will be treated in the same manner as Saddam’s. Perhaps, this will be a deterrent to others and a benefit to your goals of preserving more lives. Just so you know, I am pro-life, against abortion.

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