I signed my death sentence.

Yesterday, I signed my death sentence.


Panda (HAW!) and I talked about getting back into shape after we were inspired by Mr. Fat Hobbit’s performance at the Chicago Marathon. So we took up running because of him. We, as in only me.


Last night Panda & I signed up to run the Shamrock Shuffle on March 25 and the Spirit of St. Louis Half Marathon on April 15. If I can recall properly, I couldn’t get her to run 3 miles and now I’m running a half marathon with Panda, Fat Hobbit, Besch, Dave Doyle, and who knows who else. This is a lesson best defined as “careful in what you say.”

It’s not that I’m not looking forward to it, because I am. I’ve very excited for the Shamrock Shuffle. After running the Turkey Trot, I’m ready for my next race. Now the half marathon on the other hand…I’m uber nervous about. I blame Fat Hobbit for inspiring all of us and telling us that we can do this. Damn him!

Yes, I’ve been training. My splits went from 12:30 to 8 now. That’s good right? We’ll see how the next few weeks of training go. I can’t believe I’m going to do this. To make things even better, I promised myself that if I do the half marathon well, I will be doing the marathon next. What was I thinking?


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