No Soup for You!

Today was the Lenten sit-down lunch at Quigley. Lately, it’s been a tradition that the faculty cooks for the students at this particular sit-down lunch. About 15 different faculty/staff made soup for the kids, with all the proceeds being donated to charity. The soups varied from chili, potato, and ferret soup. The kids got a kick out of our cooking (or avoided it all together). It was quite the success, seeing that it’s my first time participating at this event and that my soup (baked potato – thanks Panda!) was ranked as one of the best soups. Hey, if my soup was comparable to Fr. Peter’s seafood chowder, I’m ecstatic!


Anyways, besides the point of us cooking, something was talked about today that made me feel old. By old, I mean 10-20 years older. As I was walking down the hallway in the morning, after I dropped off my soup, Shannon, Ken, and I were chatting how we should yell “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” to one of the kids. We laughed, trying to think who would be the best victim. Then Ken said that probably most kids nowadays won’t even understand the Seinfeld reference. To the kids, Seinfeld would just be one of those rerun shows on TV now.

Is there already such a generation gap between us (or just myself) and the kids? Gosh, I’m only 22 but I felt 10 years older today. Instead of being grouped with the 19-25 crowd, I was bumped up to the 30-40 crowd. What happened to my generation? Does Generation Y cover that big of a time span? If so, I’m creating my own generation. Heck if I be considered a 35 year old today; I’m still young!


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