Prom Night

So last night, I helped out and chaperoned Quigley’s final prom…

…alright, laugh it out. Done? Good.

I admit, I thought back to my old prom days and wondered, “Was I ever like that?” Answer: Yes. Honestly, I was surprised at how much fun at I had watching the kids. They were having fun and being kids. I was also very impressed at how tamed it was from what it could have been. It was like a Fever Formal but a little more booty. Wow.

My colleagues & I were talking last night (five of which were Quigley grads) at how mature, tame, and well behaved Quigley guys are. Even the DJ & the hotel people complimented on the wonderfulness of the boys. That being said, it made me think and realize the great treasure that the Archdiocese of Chicago, the city of Chicago, and the Catholic Church is losing.

Looking at the kids dancing last night made me realize how colorblind the kids really are. Kids from all races, backgrounds, and economic differences coming together day in and day out to be with one another. Tom Lentine said that other coaches ask him how the mood is at Quigley. He replied, “Only two kids left since the announcement of the closing. These kids want to be here.” That’s true.

Where else can you have three 6″ white guys from the north side travel to the ghetto of the south side to hang out with their black basketball teammates one weekend, and the next week those other guys travel up to the north side? It’s like the Disney movie, “Remember the Titans,” but it’s been going on for 102 years. Race, color, and social background are never questioned at Quigley. Not now, not in my day, and not even in the days of old. I’ve come to realize that Quigley and the Quigley spirit best embodies how society should be. Too bad it will be lost come June.


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