Saying goodbye…again

This past weekend, I was down in Chambana to visit old friends and attend Formal de Fever – Spring 07. Honestly, I really didn’t want to come down. I already graduated and have detached myself from CU. However, I realized that there are a lot of people I know and care about that are still there and will be graduating in two weeks. After this year, I would probably know about 30 people left at UofI; talk about a quick turnover. It’s true to the saying that most people you know are in your class and the classes before and after yours. So I went down to share in their final days because I do not know when I will see them next.

Knowing me, I hate planning things because it never works out. Not so much working out as I planned but more like people bailing and so goes the plan. So I winged my visit, as I did with Spring Break 2007, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed myself. Besides, if no one is around or nothing is happening, I’m self-sufficent enough to do things on my own and amuse myself.

Jackal’s surprise birthday party was more enjoyable than I expected. I barely knew half the people there, but the old faces made it worthwhile. Knowing a Jackal party, there was a lot of booze there; but I choose not to partake in any (don’t ask why, I’m still surprised myself). Besides that point, being at a “typical college party” was not something I’m familar with; particially because I’ve been out of the scene for a year and secondly, I prefer to hang out in small groups than large party. It took me awhile to adjust. At least I faired better than Fr. Tom who hid away for a while before making a second entrance. Overall, it was nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages. Though, being in the big college scene, I was wondering to myself if I could do it again (::cough cough::).

I was very happy that I remembered Graham Cracker’s birthday. I was able to spend time with him all Saturday afternoon. We had so much fun that he joined me later at Fever as my date! Before I go too far ahead, Mr. Quasar & I realized that as much time we did spend together last year, it was always in a group setting (especially w/ the Quasar Gang). We were able to spend one-on-one time (in a non-homosexual manner) and found out more about each other. Teddy Graham is more than meets the eye and I’m sure he found out that I was more than just hot air.

Formal…let’s say it was interesting. There were two anti-Fever Formal going on. One was at Scarlet Fever, which was more like a boycott. The other was at Newman for people who have been invited 3+ times and were not invited again; especially those who were seniors. It was sad and it was even more sad that Fever was practically empty! I know last year I was the cause that we had over 140 people show up at formal each time. However, my motivation when I moved to Fever House was to removed the exclusiveness of formal and the “Koinonia only” formal. I wanted to invite friends of fever and friends of friends. I was aiming for a party “where everyone knows your name.” It was fun last year. This year, it was very different. Granted, those who live there decide what they want to do, and I respect that. However, I do feel very bad for the seniors who were not invited to their last Fever Formal and Scarlet Fever for being short changed.

Sam, Gruber & I grabbed lunch on Sunday and discussed something that we’ve all been feeling. We’re old. We have only graduated for one year but it’s weird being back. Being out of college, life is so different. Returning to your Alma Mater is even more different. Yes, we saw old friends and caught up, but we did not try to relive the college life. We are officially grown up. We are currently the world that is, not the future that will be. We talked like adults, we gathered like adults, and we parted like adults; we’re are adults.

Thus, my visit this weekend to CU was to say the goodbye that I never did. When I left last year, I was so happy to leave that I forgot what UofI gave me. This weekend, I came back as an alum and said the goodbyes I failed to say one year ago. Danke! It’s been a party and a half.


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