Open Casting Call

I was thinking (*gasp*) earlier today, it’s been a while since I last made a movie. I originally hoped to do a webisode series for YouTube about Quigley with the current students/faculty. However, that looks harder and harder to do now. But, I realize I can still make the best of it and do a tribute to Quigley. So…

This is an open casting call to all Quigley alumni, present/former faculty staff, parents, and friends of Quigley. I will be doing a mini-documentary series about Quigley. My goal is to have as many people as possible to share their memories about Quigley. Whether it requires you to do a mini-tour, skit, or just a reflection…anything! Let us show the world the Camelot of Chicago.

I plan to start filming ASAP and continue this until the last day I could have access to the school. Eventually, I will post each video on YouTube (and maybe make a DVD to share) as soon as each video is complete. Please pass this on to anyone who has been involved with Quigley throughout the years.

EDIT: I will be filming all/any days when you are available I am not boggled down with work. Just tell me at least 24 hrs beforehand.


2 thoughts on “Open Casting Call

  1. Get Mr. Schuman to do a walking tour/reflections of his time at Quigley, PLEASE. He can tell such wonderful (and humorous) stories. Also, I’d very much love to see some of the audio of the students singing in the chapel (particularly the Salve Regina) preserved for posterity. It is a sound which will be forever lost come June.

    I intend upon being there a couple of days next week. Let’s do something then.

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