1 year & counting

I’ve been casually looking back the last couple weeks and I realize that it’s been a year since I graduated college.   Come this Saturday, another batch of Illini’s will graduate, of those include the last large bunch of my college buddies.  Golly, where has this year gone?

Honestly, my year really didn’t begin until I started my job at Quigley last August.  I was finally in the real world, in the city, and living on my own.  I remember hating it early on since I was alone, didn’t really know anyone and didn’t like it.  Now looking back this past year (or 10 months), I can say nothing really changed much.  I’m still alone, my job (those amazing as it is) sucks because I’m getting laid off, and my nights/weekends are still pretty bland.   Bugger!

Even though not much has changed, I love living in Chicago now.  Granted my network of friends are still non-existent, the few I have plus my colleagues makes up for it.  Additionally, I have a cat now that I adopted who keeps me company and busy.  I found many things to do in the city and enjoy it more.  The major factor that changes my perspective from last August to now is that I’m use to living on my own.  I love it.  There are a few things I wish could be better, but I’m happy now…well, for the most part.

Panda & I went for a walk last night and climbed onto the rocks to the lake by Loyola.  It was a cool, calm, and peaceful.  Perfect for my reflective mood the couple weeks.  As I look back at this year and see how I have changed and grown, I wonder what’s in store for me next?  The school year is pretty much over.  Summer is always a fun joyous time for adventure and transition.  Then come August when the next school year and chapter begins.  I’m curious what my next chapter will contain.


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