The Funky Monkey

As I sit here in the airport of Fort Lauderdale waiting through another flight delay, the pet monkey of the woman 5 rows over began to chatter and cause a rutcus in the terminal. People are looking around trying to figure out what that loud noise is and whence it is coming from. I calmly look up at the guy across from me, who is talking on his cell phone ever so loudly and said, “It’s a monkey.” He looks at me as if I was joking. “No really, it’s a monkey.” The couple behind me heard what I said and looked over to where the noise was coming from. Sure enough, there was a large mob of people surrounding the lady and her pet monkey. The lady from behind said, “Let’s check it out,” and they went to investigate. The guy returned to his cell phone conversation, still bothered and slightly confused that there’s a monkey in the terminal. I just turned my Ipod back on and ignored the masses.


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