Damn, where is my fsckin’ flashlight. Crap, where’s Quigley? Damnit, he wouldn’t know what’s going on; and besides, his vision at night is better than mine. Either way, I want to know where my cat is so I don’t step or trip on him. And where is my flashlight? Grr…okay, slowly walk to the door to see if my neighbors are out. Nope, that’s the wall. There you are Quigley, now get out of my way because I can’t see. Where’s the door…BAM! Wall…ouch…must find light & door.

I must have looked like a complete dooble wandering through my own apartment. I bet my cat had a good laugh because he was trying to figure out why I was hitting the walls. Hey, it wasn’t my fault I was acting this way, the power went out and I couldn’t see. I managed to get to the door and opened it to the hallway where surprising, everyone on my floor was out and asking questions. I’ve never see more than one person on my floor in any given time; now that I’m seeing them all together made it even more weird. We all yelled down the hallway to confirm that the transformer blew and we’re at the mercy of ComEd. Then we all returned to our abodes and everything went back to normal. We will never see each other again until the next power outage.

When I returned to my apartment, my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I was amazed at how much I could see with little light. Looking out onto the street, I could see the city glow a block away. But the moon’s glow lite the trees of my block in the most majestic manner. I felt like I was camping again under the stars. Down on the street, I was surprised how many people decided to go for walk since the power was out, even though it was almost midnight. It was pitch black but I loved it. Who knew even a little light like the moon would go such a long way.

I decided to lay on my bed and watched the moon’s glow fill my room as I wait for the power to come back on. I could have gone to sleep since it was late, but I was having too much fun watching the serene night dance in my room. And besides, without power there was no way I would have been able to wake up for work in the morning. But I didn’t care. I was in an urban forest camping out in my own bed. The blackout didn’t last much longer, but the 2 hours was well worth it.


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