We are Quigley

We are Quigley.

For years we have called 103 E. Chestnut home. As students, as alums, as teachers, Quigley was a place where young men gathered to celebrate life; life in one Holy Roman Catholic Church. Thousands of boys, boys who graduated as men, passed through these hallowed halls. From these men came hundreds of priests. Many more remained laymen who are now fathers, fathers who then sent their sons to Quigley, who then became priests or fathers of their own; thus, the cycle continued. Continued it had for 102 years.

Memories echo the halls, the classrooms, and the chapel. Listen and you will hear the lockers bang, the school bell rings, the doors slam, songs resounding from the chapel, laughter and tears-you hear it all, during school hours and when the building sleeps. Once strangers, soon friends, we are one brotherhood; we are one Quigley family.

As a family, we weep and mourn the death of our beloved home. Many have returned throughout the years; some more than others, but we are all the same. We wander the halls to remember the days of old. We say hi to old friends and the teachers who taught us, but we say goodbye to Quigley. We eye the building for something, something tangible that we can take with us to remember the place we hold close to our hearts. We are losing a member of our family. We are losing our parent, our mother who bore, taught, and gave us everything throughout the four or five years we spent here. Though not all are called to the vocation of priesthood, each of us found our vocation here as seminarians of Quigley. Together we are the seminarians of Quigley. We are Quigley.

We are students and alums. We are the faculty and staff. We are priests and laymen. We are celebrating life; we are in our eternal sleep. We are shepherds: cardinal and bishops. We are fathers: dads and family men. We are famous to the world and heroes to our family. We are scholars and comedians. We are doctors, lawyers, policemen and firemen. We serve; we serve in countries, in cities, in our neighborhoods. We serve the world and one another.

We are the Cathedral College.  We are Quigley Seminary. We are Quigley North. We are Quigley South. We are Archbishop Quigley. We are the Norsemen, the Spartans, the Phoenix. We are Quigley.

When you leave this immortal building of Quigley, remember that you are, were and always will be a part of a legend, a history, a greatness that thousands of young men shared together over a century. You may leave Quigley in tears, but you take Quigley wherever you go. Quigley will always be with you.

You are Quigley. We are Quigley.

We are Quigley.


3 thoughts on “We are Quigley

  1. I was an advoate of presenting the cardinal with a red gallero, “As a sign of his priesthood.” It could have sat on display at the new chancery office reminding everyone of the special connection between Quigley and the Cardinal Archbishop. Of course, a special ceremony, led by Quigley alumni, would be eventually held to process the hat to the cathedral to be hung for posterity (mindful of the tradition whereby the bishop remains in purgatory until the last ask of his hat falls to the cathedrak floor), long tying together in remembrance Quigley and the Cardinal.

    He may still get his hat from us yet!

  2. The Class of 1977 spent two wonderful evenings at the school together on May 4 and 5, 2007 for our 30 year reunion. We told stories, swapped lies, held in our guts for the perfunctory pictures, worshiped with our classmates celebrating the mass, and went back in time a wee bit. We toured the school, shed a tear or two, quoted the Raven nevermore, and said goodbye to the great Le Petit Seminaire which will always be apart of us.

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