The end of a legacy

It didn’t hit me until I left school on Thursday that it was all over. I was fine throughout the day, even at mass, and the last sit-down lunch. When the kids were dismissed, I was even fine. As they cleaned up their lockers, saying goodbye, and taking the last pictures, I was sitting in my office up in the Crow’s Nest watching them. Nothing. I opened the doors to memorial hall and had them write their name among the rest of the alums. I laughed with them and talked to them as if nothing had changed. I was fine.

When I drove out of the courtyard, that was when it hit me. It’s over. 102 years and this is the end. I came home and I sat there, clueless because I didn’t know what to do next. Ever get that feeling? What is next? I still don’t have a job yet but I’m not worried. It’s just the transition that I do not know what to do with myself. Honestly, what am I to do?

Friday was the final gathering of the faculty where we were treated to an extremely nice lunch. It was the last time that we all would be together. Yes, we’ll keep in touch, but we all know that some of us will never see each other again. But in the mean time, we ate, laughed, cried, and celebrated in the year that was and is Archbishop Quigley 2006-2007. We are the very last of a great legacy in the Archdiocese and City of Chicago. We are the last faculty/staff of Quigley Seminary. We are Quigley.


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