“…there is always morning and a new day.”

Last night was the Archbishop Quigley’s class of 2002 reunion. It was the very last reunion ever to be held at Quigley Seminary and we made it one for the ages.

To briefly summarize the events of last night: we reunited, talked, went to mass, drank, ate, drank, watched our freshmen videos, drank, talked, drank, wandered the halls, drank, pillaged, drank, wrote our names in memorial hall, climbed the chapel spire, smoked cigars, drank, talked some more, drank, got some food, and walked around the building one last time, and finished it off by singing the Salve Regina in the chapel at 4 AM.

One might think the common theme was drinking, but actually it was celebrating the days of Quigley Seminary. It meant a lot to all those who were present: AQ ’02, Fr. Jakubik, and the few alums from other years.

Last night was such a perfect night; time stood still for all of us as we celebrated Quigley Seminary. Seeing the video of us as freshmen only brought back great memories. Retelling stories of old brought great joy and laughter upon our faces. Having Fr. Jakubik climb the chapel spire with us and sharing cigars as brothers was as sweet as it could get. But nothing beats sitting down in the darken Chapel of St. James at 4 AM to just sit and realize how amazing this place is and was; the treasure that we a part of and shared together. Nothing says goodbye better than singing the Salve Regina in that chapel. We loved Quigley and we’re going to miss it.

Driving home, I saw that the sun was about to rise above the horizon. I happen to recall my Paschal Mystery talk for NFK 89 where I said, “For every sunset and night, there is always morning and a new day.” The sun has set and night is now upon Quigley Seminary, but look to the east for a new day is coming as the sun is rising. What it is and what it will hold is still unknown to all of us. However, some reason I know that I will be a part of it again soon.


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