Goals for Summer ’07

Now that school is out, summer has officially started.  Summers for me are usually slow and boring.  On occasion, I’ll have something that would last for a weekend here and there, but I mostly work, go home, sleep, and repeat.  However, I’m not working this summer (yet…) and I’m of age in the wonderful city of Chicago.  That means the possibilities are endless.  The only question is what am I going to do?

  • find a job (very important, I don’t have money for August)
  • learn how to play the guitar
  • hit up as many street festivals as possible
  • bike at least 1000 miles
  • run the Chicago Distance Classic in 1:50:00 or less
  • stay in shape
  • lay on the beach at least once a week
  • read at least 3 important works of literature
  • do a city architecture/photography tour
  • travel outside Illinois at least twice
  • reconnect w/ the SUCMA Cocks
  • find a way to afford & buy tickets to Lollapalooza
  • learn how to swing dance and remember how 6 months later
  • decorate my apartment that I have lived in for a year now

There are so much more but I can’t think of them right now.  These are definitely what I want to do and are doable…well, learning the guitar is a little more a stretch.  However, I feel confident that this will be a summer to remember.  Let the good times roll!


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