Reasons to Run

I hated seeing all these fit, attractive, sweaty people running all over campus. It’s not them that I really hate, it’s the running. Ugh, what an awful activity! I never understood how one can truly enjoy running. It’s walking only faster and with sweat.

It wasn’t until after I was beaten up Cricket Hill by Roger Pinon (I was on a bike and he was running) when I started to truly reconsider the sport. Not only was I embarrassed by Roger, I was left in awe at his amazing gift. I started to befriend Quigley’s cross country team, who then motivated me (to put it nicely) to start running.

People often say that peer pressure is at it’s greatest at high school. They were right because I started to run. It began with the Chicago Turkey Trot last year. Next came the Shamrock Shuffle, which was followed by the great Spirit of St. Louis Half-Marathon. Here I am now training for the Chicago Distance Classic. Who the hell am I and where did the real Pham go?

To be honest, running is not so bad. When I did started to run, it was one of the most torturous things I have ever done. But now, running has become enjoyable. Running allows me to stay in shape, lose weight, exercise, and go outside. But that’s not all! During my brief time running, I have observed much and came up with a theory. Ever notice that there are at least 3x more girls running than guys? But wait, it gets even better. Almost all the girls running are HOT! Not only are they fit and in shape, they’re bloody HOT! Man, I should have started to run sooner! Guys, if you haven’t done so, you need to start running.

Okay…seriously, I’m not that shallow. I run because I want to run (now) and stay to in shape. But the girls do help. 😉


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