Umbrellas are useful

Umbrellas are useful, if it’s not in your car that’s 2 blocks away. It’s pouring, no be deal. The temperature is dropping. Alas, I realize that I do not have food and the rain is going to only get worse. Rats! So I walked to my neighborhood grocery store in the downfall. I’m wet, but still upbeat. Then the AC of the store hit me. It was bloody cold. Okay, get food and get out. When I left the store, oh was it so much warmer, I decided to walk the extra half block to my car for my umbrella. Might as well, I’m already soaked. Walking…walking…where the hell is my car? Damn! It’s parked in front of my apartment.

I walked back to my apartment, defeated, soaked and still getting pounded by the rain.  Oh, and the rain decided to let up now as I’m writing this.  Mother nature – 1, Pham – 0.


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