The Fourth

I was out in the sticks visiting Kara for the holiday.  We had just broken up, but chose to remain friends.  Besides, Kara heard of my 4th of July stories which normally consist of…well, nothing.  So she invited me over and promised me an experience that I will never forget.  I was nervous, but excited.

Mimi arrived with child, both in womb and arms, along with Kim to Kara’s, where we reclined and ate until it was dark.  The girls chattered amongst themselves as I politely listened to the strange stories that were being told.  That was when I began to understand whymen can never understand women.  Such odd creatures…

We drove out further into the flat cornfields to the place where the fireworks show was.  To better grasp the distance we traveled, Kara’s place was West Virginia and the show was held in Wyoming; at least that’s how far the drive felt for me.  Anyways, during the excursion, I was forewarned by the girls to be prepared for Hickville, USA.  Yeah…they should have prepared me better.

Words cannot do my experience justice.  I could not believe my eyes.  They were everywhere!  I was afraid to leave the car because I might get infected and become one of them.  And here are the girls having the time of their lives as they were pointing and laughing at the situation around us.  And it was only a couple hours ago I though women were weird creatures; I was wrong, so wrong.  Kara was right, I was not going to forget this 4th by any means. 

To be polite, I won’t share some of the stories…okay, laughs that I experienced that evening.  But, I will admit this: the after fireworks show put on by the neighbors was better than the real show.  Too bad not all 4ths can be like this one.    


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