I forgot how much I miss road trips. Besides seeing new places, getting to know your friends better, and having experiences that you will never forget, one of the most important things that make or break road trips are car games. Whether it’s 20 questions, the alphabet game, or the licenses plate game; all these games make the drive so much more fun and shorter.

I remember the first time when I got a hit by a “punch buggy”. I was totally clueless. Sadly, there were not enough Volkswagen Beetles on the road. Seeing how we (Matt, Phil, Brian & I) loved beating on each other, we had to find other ways to justify hitting each other. Thus, we instituted “Cadillac Whacks”. Between all the Beetles and Cadillacs on the road, we had enough reasons to hit each other. Thankfully, we vetoed “[PT] Cruiser Bruiser” and “Beemer Screamer”.

On my most recent trip, I was introduced to the “cow game”. When you pass a field of grazing cows, you open your window and yell “COW!” at the top of your lungs. You get points based on how many cows you get to look up (white cows get 2 points). All I have to say is 7 cows; I dominated the “cow game”…or perhaps the cows are really dumb in Kentucky.

Yes…I’m such a loser. That’s why I play “piddidle” by myself when I drive.


3 thoughts on “COW! COW! COW!

  1. when I was a kid and we played the cow game in the car, we’d loose our cows if a cemetery was passed on our side of the car. it added an extra dimension to the game. very exciting. (we drove through kansas a lot and there’s not much there except cows..and cemeteries)

  2. I always have to wonder if these games are regionalisms. I’m quite familiar with the cow game and punch buggy, along with many others everyone seems to know. Now “pididdle”, that’s another story. I’ve know this one since I was a kid, but everyone I know outside the midwest has no idea what I’m talking about when I explain it.

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