Coffee and Hippies

Sitting outside of the corner coffee shop down the street from where I live, facing east and reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I could not help but ease drop to the conversation to the table at my right.

There was man in his 50s with interesting facial hair, to say the least, drinking coffee and talking to two random teenagers whom he just met. The two teens, a boy and a girl around the age of 17, were friends. It appeared that they had made an appointment to meet him today. They both graciously accepted a Dominican cigarette from the man agreeing that the three will not tell each other how the teens acquired the cigarettes.  They proceeded to talk about society, medicine, and politics.

Sitting next to them, deeply engulfed in my Harry Potter book, I could not help but to occasionally listen in.  It’s not so much to say that they’re conversation was interesting; it was more like “Huh?”.  I can understand how people might disagree about a certain things, but honestly, these three where so out of there that even the most liberal person would find them odd.  Apparently, most medical conditions are made up (e.g. cancer) to benefit doctors and insurance companies; the Democrats are the Republicans – there is no liberal party in the United States; and kids should be given all the rights of adults at the age of 12.

As I was changing the channel from the table and back to my book, I realized that Rogers Park is truly diverse.  There are middle-class families, subsidized housing, newly converted condos for the growing young crowd, college students, poor college grads (like myself), and yes, hippies.  Though, these are not your typical hippies.  They’ve been stoned since 1963 and living as if it was still the 60s.

Gosh, I love Chicago.  =)


One thought on “Coffee and Hippies

  1. Many things can be learned about society by ease-dropping.
    While eating at a Chinese restaruant the other day, I learned that only people who are born-again at an early age can go to Heaven. Four very large men were helping themselves to a LOT of buffet. They decided that it is just not fair that some people leave “good” all their lives and then other people come along and get saved later in life and get to go to Heaven along with them.
    To quote Jim Morrison, “People are strange…”

    I like your blog.

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