Harry Potter: The Spoiler Study, pt. 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows spoilers… Bare with me Harry Potter fans, this is going to be a long post.

First off, I would like apologize to J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Harry Potter Fans, and whomever I offended. On Sunday, I posted a blog titled, “Don’t read this if you read Harry Potter…”. Reason behind this post was to do an independent sociological, psychological, and philosophical study. To all sociologists, psychologists, other scientists, I dreadfully apologize for not properly following the scientific method. I’m sure some of you will be driven crazy by the lack of proper organization, if not rolling over in your future graves. I’m partially too tired and too exhausted by doing this on my own. However, if anyone would like to continue and/or duplicate this study, I would love to participate and assist.

I’ve always been curious why people on such Web 2.0 sites desire to be “known”. Take YouTube for example, many people would love to be featured on the front page and be a YouTube celebrity. YouTube users such as TheHill88, Boh3m3, Brookers, KevJumba, Nalts, and remibroadway became celebrities by the luck of being featured or working hard to slowly gain subscribers. Users such as CrazzzyVids or InternetJoker, who just joined a few days ago, happened to either miraculously gain hundreds of subscribers or views on their videos and become “instant” celebrities (I use that word loosely). Whether they use bots or however they do it, there are people out there who are to an extent desperate to be known. The same goes for blogging, MySpace, and other Internet communities.

The second part of this grossly illegal study was to see how many people are so impatient that they cannot wait a certain time period for a certain thing/event. I can’t think of the study/topic about this, but it deals with personal rewards which can be applied to both animal and humans. I happen to randomly choose Harry Potter because I came across pictures of the supposed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Threadless by a blog post from DeathCabForTom. Upon seeing that, I realize this was the best bait to lure people in and see what happens.

The study went on for 5 1/2 days, until tonight when WordPress administrators finally took it down. To all people related to Harry Potter one way or another, I apologize. I never meant to “spoil” anything for anyone who did not want to know. Additionally, to the author and publishers, I know this was very risky on my part, but I could not pass on such a broad audience to study on. The damage is done and I got the results that I was looking for.

So this past Sunday, I posted “Don’t read this if you read Harry Potter…”


As of tonight when the blog post was removed, here are the astounding results. In 5 1/2 days, that post alone received 12,919 views. The best day was Tuesday, July 17, where a total of 10,812 views to my blog. To put this to comparison on what I normally get per day, 16 views, the post increased by readership by 675%. Additionally, on July 16th, that post was ranked the 80th top post on WordPress. July 17th, it was 35th, and July 18th, it was 8th according to WordPress.


The thumbnail below shows you the daily traffic to my blog the last 6 days. As you can see from the picture below, the difference between my normal readership (please factor in adjustment for the increase in users for the last 5 days) versus the influx of Harry Potter readers.


So you may be asking what is the point of this? Looking at these results, one can partially conclude that through extra means, any person can increase traffic to his/her site. In other words, anyone can be an instant Internet celebrity/icon if he/she truly desires it. All that is needed are the means that would attract traffic and then, hopefully fame.


Looking at the chart above, one can see the the sharp increase in readership beginning July 17th. The first two days of the study, I relied on the tags and WordPress alone. Those two days, my readership increased to 135 on the 15th, and 575 on the 16th. However, I decided to broaden the pool. I choose to link myself through several WordPress blogs and Digg. Through those means and surprisingly having other people link to me, caused the readership to explode the last couple days.


So yes, now I am “famous” on the Internet thanks to that blog post. Wasn’t that my goal? Am I not like the others who desire to be an “Internet Celebrity”? Yes and no. I will further dissect the study in a couple of days. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, now that you (Phampants) have readership, you must continue to lure them in. I completely and honestly tell you this right now that I do not mean to leave you hanging, and thus, coming back for more. However, this was bigger than I expected and I need time to process everything. Additionally, if anyone would like to help me in analyzing everything, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Once again, to J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, and all Harry Potter fans, I apologize for this. Secondly, to all in the science field who would like to hang me for poor execution of this independent study, I apologize for breaking all the rules. However, if you are kind enough to help me better analyze and understand the results, I would greatly appreciate it.

UPDATE: Part 2 can be read here.


25 thoughts on “Harry Potter: The Spoiler Study, pt. 1

  1. Wow, thanks… I am a lab rat now lol. Good study. You had good information. Sorry WordPress made you take it down…

    I notice on your stats that my site sent you over 900 hits, yet in my “clicks box” it says that only 135 people clicked over to your site. Glad I could send you so much traffic. I just WordPress would get it right.

    Let me know how your “study” goes.

  2. your page came up on google’s first page of results, it’s one reason many people clicked it. congrats on your “fame” lol

    was an interesting discussion, with a wide range of views, unfortunately i didn’t see the end of it before you were forced to take it down.

    some people won’t read the book after knowing harry potter dies in a tragic toilet accident when trying to flush scabbers carcass away. thought rowlings would’ve writeen something more clever…

    so, anyway, your page is unextraordinary now, enjoy watching your statistics flatten out and realize you are an inter-whore also, i mean you have a facebook page lol

  3. on the contrary, I would like my blog stats to return to normal. However, this is a great demonstration of how one can work the system. i will further explain in another post today (part 2) and a few more in the next few days as i try analyze everything.

  4. It took me by surprise too. I actually was kinda excited at first to hear about the leak, I was so eager to download a PDF copy and read it before getting a hand on the book.

    But after I read the first few lines, I felt something was wrong. It’s not JKRowling style, and I googled ‘fake Harry Potter’ to confirm, wrote about the leak in my blog just as another daily routine and voila!

    I did not get an amazing 10000+ views but I get a drastic increment too just in one night. 100+ views when I normally just get some sort of an average 10 views per day.

    Wow, people are insane about harry potter!

  5. It will be a while before your traffic gets back to normal, many people will probably still come looking for your post.

  6. For those of you who wondeed what the hell I was talking about just now – there was an abusive post here – honest – there realy was.

    It’s gone.

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  9. That’s a good legal backup story, scientific study, lol But dude I don’t think that will fly in court with a few graphs, if J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, & Bloomsbury decide to sue you.

    I think all Harry Potter Fans will agree. It was Not a smart thing to do.

  10. i never said it wasn’t a smart thing to do. it was stupid yet, but looking at the results is astounding. additionally, i can completely pass a polygraph test because i’ve been intended to do this study, it just so happen that HP fell upon my lap.

  11. Phampants,
    we hear lately on the news some teen made up stories about certain events, or other such false information….

    Are you actually saying it’s okay to make up stories like these just to get hits on web blogs? Then disguise these pranks as Scientific Research? That’s not gonna fly Not these days!

    You have got to be kidding right?

  12. Is beautiful make stories, beecouse all the fans have stories in her mints^^

    But spot this like it are real, is…superficial
    But if this is real, good^^
    thanks for your comment, and expot this

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  14. hahaha
    I saw the blog that Tom posted…luckily for me I did not look at the pictures for more than a second…who would have thought that Tom posting that blog would’ve affected thousands?

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