The Fun Room

I can’t help but to always remember the adventures and laughs I had in the fun room last year. Fr. Walsh & I having a prank war on each other and poor Shannon being dragged in the middle of it. Then there was the Nerf gun fight where Fr. Walsh & I double team on Johnathon. Every Thursday morning, Shannon & I will recap the previous night episode of Lost to each other. Oh, let’s not forget the 24 mania that I instituted among Shannon & Walsh. Fr. Walsh & Johnathon would have their stories in which they shared and joked about as they commuted together each day. I would hear Shannon’s horror stories each day about her awful 9th period class. Shannon, Fr. Walsh, & Johnathon never stopped laughing as I had to retell my story about my audition and callback for a reality TV show. I bet that Johnathon & I looked like idiots as we tried to open the door vent. Gosh, so many fun memories.

As I was sitting during orientation, I could not help but miss the good times. True, I will make new friends and have fun at my new school, but it would not come close to what the fun room was. The four of us that made up the fun room was the perfect combo. We complimented each other like ketchup, a pickle, relish, and onions on a Chicago style hot dog. I’m glad that we’re still keeping in touch and even happier than I’ve been able to talk to all of them in the last couple days. But alas, it’s not the same. True, Shannon will be working 3 miles from where I am working right now. Also, this is Fr. Walsh’s old stomping grounds and Johnathon lives not too far away either. Yet, we’re still farther than all 4 of us would like. Gosh, I miss them.


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