The Freshmen Crew

This past weekend, Jo flew into town a friend of hers. She and her friend decided last minute to go to Chicago for a weekend of “personal health”. I have to admit, I’m jealous that they were able to do that, but then again, I did that this past May when I went to Florida. Hehe…either way, I haven’t seen Jo in over a year. It’s hard to keep in touch after college, especially those whom you known since your freshmen year. The Freshmen crew that I was a part of was also known as the Front Pew Noon Mass Crew, the Freshmen, and who knows what other names were give to us. No matter what, we were close – real close.

Now life after college has separated us. Yes, we talk on the phone, via email, and over facebook; yet it’s still not the same. Then Jo decided to come to Chicago this weekend for party that myself and Megan were planning to attend. About half of our core freshmen group were together again. But alas, we were missing a couple others. Yet, irony would have it that Saturday night Sam & Billy were hanging out in D.C. We were together again…only still separate. “Aww, shucks” as Sam would say.

It was a great weekend. Close friends, good times, and much drinking. Heck Jo was right, “what did we do before we turned 21?” Whatever it was, we were able to relive our freshmen year this past weekend. I miss them all. Until next time…New Years anyone?


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