Where do you Blog?

Where do you Blog?

I have blogged in many places.  Some places are better for blogging than others.  But nonetheless, each place does have its special gift that can help enhance a certain blog entry.

I have blogged a few times at the coffee shop down the street corner from me.  I’ve blogged at school/work (SHH) .  I’ve blogged on the beach in Florida (I’m such a geek).  I’ve blogged in the backyard of my parent’s place.  I’ve obviously blogged in my bedroom where my desktop is located.  I’ve blogged in my living room while watching the Simpsons on my laptop.

I’ve blogged in many places, it all depends what kind of blog I’m writing.  How about you?  Where do you blog?

As for right now, I’m blogging while on the toilet.  =)


One thought on “Where do you Blog?

  1. Usually within my apartment somewhere…the kitchen table, my bed.

    Some of my favorite places have been the basement of the Union, the cafes in downtown Champaign, or from any Bed and Breakfast.

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