When I Met You: Karen

Now Karen, you say that we met at NFK 80, but I have to disagree. Meeting someone for the first time doesn’t always mean that you “met” that person. I would have to say the first K-Mass after NFK 80.

You were there early, typical for a newbie, walking around with your Bible, probably with Stephanie as she introduces you to people. As more people began to arrive who were not on NFK 80, like any new K-Members, you all tend to huddle together in a group. However, Stephanie kept on dragging you around. That was when we met.

You introduced yourself as Max. Odd name for a girl, I thought, but nonetheless someone new, cool, and cute (yes, I was so immature & shallow back then) to meet. We awkwardly chatted as Steph saw someone and ran away to greet him/her. During the time which we chatted, I kept asking myself, “Why did your parents named you Max?” Surprisingly, you answered the question without me asking. That was your nickname that your buddies in the Marching Illini called you.

“Marching Illini?” I asked, “One of my dorm mates is in the MI. Do you know Zach Belzer?”

You started laughing the moment you heard Zach’s name. I couldn’t help but to join you because both of us knew the Zach was an interesting but humorous character.

We didn’t talked much after that. Besides, Steph returned and dragged you to meet someone else. It was nice to meet you Karen…I mean Max!


5 thoughts on “When I Met You: Karen

  1. did I introduce myself as Max? I meant to introduce myself as Karen! I must have been nervous.
    oh, Mumbles. I do love that kid.

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