The Two Goodbyes

During the last 2 weeks, Fr. Walsh’s father and Paul Jannusch’s mother passed away. Within a heart beat, the Quigley family reunited to extend our sorrow and love to both Gerald & Paul.

Last week, Shannon and I gathered to comfort Walsh. Johnathon would had joined us if he didn’t have an exam, but he was there in spirit, reuniting the fun room. Tom came and left before we got there and I don’ t know who came afterwards. Then today, I went to Paul’s mother’s wake and was greeted by Doc, Barbara, Sarah, Mike, the Italian Stallion, and Bill who later joined us. Once again, we were together, saying goodbyes to parents of our family.

And yet, the goodbyes to parents were not as powerful as the goodbyes we said to each other when we left the wake. The whole time, we were catching up and seeing how each other was doing. But the catch up time never differ from the times we spent together as a faculty. We were having fun as if Quigley was still open. However, in our hearts we knew the truth and only wanted to extend the moment as much as possible before we had to leave once again. It was extremely painful to say goodbye the first time. This time around, it wasn’t any better.


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