Friday Night Lights

One of my sociology classes required us to read the book, Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger. Not being an avid fan of reading, especially when it’s required for class, I grudgingly did my homework. It wasn’t the first time, but it has been a long time since I truly enjoyed a reading assignment and in this particular case, a novel, feat that is not often achieved.

Not only did I learn the high school football culture in Texas (and other small towns), but the fact that high school football is as closely observed as college football and other major league sports. People may go to church on Sunday, but on Friday nights, the church is found at the high school football field.

And so, here I am spending my Friday night watching football under the lights. Yes, I could have driving down to Champaign to see friends whom I have not seen in years and share a couple pints with them at Murphy’s, but tonight I chose to live it under the lights.

Here are my observations of my first Friday night lights:

Steal benches means a cold sore arse.

High school cheerleaders are weird.

Caffeinated & sugared teens means a lot of annoy noise.

Parents do not acknowledge their kids. They’re only here for moral support.

Kids don’t acknowledge their parents, unless they need more money.

Friday night lights in Texas are much warmer than where I am right now.

Traditions found in college football do not exist in high school, unless you count abducting the mascot.

Commentary does not exist.

Did I mention caffeinated and sugared teens? Help me!

Kids are excited when teachers come. Correction, only when a teacher is alone, they are easier targets.

Half show? Keep dreaming.

There is no such thing as cheering unless there is a good play.

TV camera? WHOOHOO!!!!!

By the way, whoever said the game started at 5:30, you’re so dead! 5:30 my arse!


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. I came from a town which yes the town really did all show up at the friday night game. Some nights I would use that evening to stay home and have some alone time since my siblings who were in the hs band had to attend, but for the most part I would attend. A local church also would have something called 5th quarter, that the kids could attend after the game for clean fun. Yes at the games, you bring a blanket, and there certainly are various cliques which would be around. Cliques such as: the kids which wander around never really watching the game, the freshman in college going to a game so they could have a small reunion of friends discussing their first weeks at school, and the friends of the band kids who would escape as soon as the halftime show was finished. And my school actually had a great marching band.

    Was this my top hang out spot?- No, but it was a place I could certainly run into some friends I wanted to say hi to without having to hangout exactly out of school. Yes it was great to see the teachers who brought their families. It was also a nice evening where i had a bit of time with the parents before heading out for the evening- Bonding a plus.

    It can get scary, but I think there is a positive aspect of Friday Night Lights- it could help develop a sense of community.

    Just a small towners take on it

  2. My high school was in Wayzata, and though I personally really don’t care for football, I was in the marching band and I went dutifully to every game. And I totally loved it. I don’t know if its as fun if you arent there like I was with all your good band friends, but I really enjoyed myself every single time I was in those band stands.

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