After reading Karen’s post, I could not resist.

I was rushing because I was late. I was suppose to pick up Megan 30 minutes ago for Fever Formal but I came back from camping/rock climbing late. (Yes ladies, I did a courtesy call to assure my date that I was not standing her up.) Running down the hall from the shower, I threw on my dress shirt and then my nice slacks. Crap! It’s been a while since I worn this suit. Alright, suck it up. Just a little more…BINGO! I’m set. Just need to run to the bathroom and I’m out the door.

As I was walking to the sink, the unthinkable happened. POP! Next thing I knew, this black thing shot out from my crotch and ricocheted off the sink onto the floor. Yes, my pants button popped from my pants. I could not believe what happened. Actually, I was laughing really hard as my pants fell down to my knees. Realizing my ride was waiting for me outside so we could pick up our dates, I picked up the button and held up my pants.

We went to Liza’s place to pick up both Liza & Jo. I was not prepared for what happened next. The girls were extremely helpful; they were helping me sew and pin my pants together. Normally, guys can’t complain about girls being helpful, but Phil was also helping. I’m not use to having that many hands at my crotch, especially a pair of male hands, but the kicker was that each set had a sharp pointy needle. Girls, never and I mean never approach a guy’s crotch with sharp pointy object. Anyways, we managed to keep my pants up for the formal. Too bad we just couldn’t keep my fly from opening, but it didn’t matter until American Pie.


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