You Park Like an Idiot

Dear Incompetent Driver,

Thank you for kindly parking where you did and taking up two spaces. I’m surprised how a tiny car/motorcycle such like yours happen take up so much space. In a neighborhood where parking is scarce, you happen to make many neighbors and myself very irritated by your meager parking skills. Yes, we hope that one day you will learn how to properly park in the city and share your bountiful parking with others. However, we are extremely shocked that you happen to be parked in the spot taking up two spaces for the last 3 weeks! One can only count the additional carbon production that we, your neighbors, must produce as we have to drive more to find a spot. So we beg you, move your car/motorcycle, share your spot and for God’s sake, learn how to park!


An Irate Neighbor.

P. S. You park like an idiot.


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