Awkwardly Creepy

So I was at Waldenbooks this evening checking up on a lead. I happen to over hear the store clerk looking about my age talking to his female colleague. He was going on saying that he wore at least 3 costumes so far today and this is his 4th, an Asian male garment. The girl then proceed to say, “Oh I wore something similar to homecoming a few years ago.”

At this moment, I said to myself, “Homecoming? How old are they?”

“What year did you graduate?” he asked her, “2006? 2007? Cuz I think I was at the homecoming. How come I don’t remember seeing you?”

This is where I had to butt in, “You guys are making me feel old if you’re talking about high school homecoming. Cuz I’m a high school teacher now.”

“Yeah, we went to Lane together.” He then added, “What school do you teach at?”

I told them.

“You’re in college?”


“Yeah, my college days are long gone.”

At this point, I made my decision and was purchasing my item. This was where I should have learned to keep my mouth shut.

Asking the girl, “So what college do you go to?”

“Loyola.” She said.

“Oh really? I live right by Loyola.” CRAP! Don’t I sound like a stalker now. Okay, time to redeem myself. “Where do you go?”

“Northeastern,” he said.

Alright, come up with something less creepy. “Cool, I’m thinking about taking classes there.” NO! NO! NO! NO!

“Uhh…maybe we’ll see each other.” He said.

At this point, I gave up and left the store. I’m so going to get arrested one of these days for my awkwardness.


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