Double Punched

For Halloween, I decided to be my current hero: 3-hole punched Jim Halpert.

And to make it more convincing, I had a byline as I carried around a stack of Schrute Bucks

So Dwight was cleaning his desk yesterday. I happen to notice that there was a large amount of uncirculated Schrute bucks in his drawer. So, I grabbed a stack. I wonder what I can buy from Dwight with these? I’m sure $40 Schrute bucks would be reasonable enough for his bobble head. Wouldn’t you think?

I totally think that they should use these lines for a future episode. Don’t you think? As for a picture of me? Let’s just say that my bottom hole punch would never stay on during the day and I lost it. Then as I was walking home, I realized I somehow lost my top one too. Damn. What else can you expect from a $0.57 +tax costume?


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