Things I’m Most Afraid of, No. 3

#3 – Girls.

Girls are pretty. Girls are nice. Girls smell wonderful. Girls are my #3 things I’m most afraid of.

You may say, “But I see you with girls all the time!” Yes, that is true. It is also true that I my close friends tend to be of the double-X chromosome. However, I ask you this, “Have you seen me act around girls?” Two words: awkward turtle. Before you further debunk this post, I will admit, I socialize well with my friends who are female (I think). However, there are friends who are female and females who I would like to be “friends”. It is the latter than I am afraid of.

What is it about girls that I’m so afraid of? Everything! I’m afraid of her personality, her good looks, her smile, her style, the way she talks and laughs, her smell, her eyes, her “assets”, the way she thinks, and most importantly, who she is. Remember, girls are a species of their own. No matter how much guys study them, guys will never understand girls.

Some guys have it; they can easily talk to the “girl”. Me? I have the slightest clue of where to start. Remember, I’m a bona fide geek/nerd. The word procreation does not exist until I reach the lonely age of 40 and become overweight. Ever watch the show Beauty & the Geek? That’s me. I’m clueless and awkward around girls.

“But you dated before.” I think it was done out of pity. KIDDING! Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’m over my fear of girls. Girls are complicated, I’m just a simple guy who is beyond clueless. Girls are nice, but they scare me. Maybe one day I will have the courage to say more than “hi” to her, but until that day comes, I will be afraid of girls.


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