Where’s the turkey?

My family’s traditional Thanksgiving meal often excludes the turkey.  We have Cornish hens as our bird substitute.  Even though our hens are much smaller than a turkey, my dad still gets his free turkey from his company.   That turkey normally sits on the cold porch until my mom has time to chop it for other uses.

One time after Thanksgiving dinner, I had to take out the trash.  Per my mom’s direction, I had to throw everything away on the back porch.  Sitting on the porch was 3-4 garbage bags…and the frozen turkey.  “Everything?  You Sure?” I asked.  “YES!” my mom yelled.  That was convincing enough.  Feeling bad that I was throwing a good turkey away, I left it on top of the trash bin for someone to take

A little later, my sister walked into the living room and asked, “Where’s the turkey?”

Amid the commotion of the lost turkey, my parents called me crazy for throwing away a good turkey.  It wasn’t my fault!  Mom insisted that I had to throw everything away.  I was just being a good and obedient son.   I went to retrieve it, except that the turkey was gone for good.  Someone took it.  At least someone will be putting it to good use.

Now what my parents didn’t know, was that before I threw the turkey away, I had a little fun.  It was cold and there was snow and ice covering the alley.  I couldn’t resist.  I did a little turkey bowling in the alley.   I had two gutter birds before I gave up.


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