Things I’m Most Afraid of, Recap

Before I reveal my #1 thing that I’m afraid of, I thought it would be fun to do a short recap of all my fears and include other fears that did not make the top 5.

# 10 Heights.

The perfect example would be me being dropped by a clown when I was younger; unfortunately, that was not the case. However, I’m working on this one. I’ve taken up rock climbing (real cliffs) and I love it. The accomplishment of going so high up and looking down is amazing. Now I just need to make sure that I don’t flip upside down again, lest I fall out of my harness.

# 9 – Large Dogs.

Small Asian boy next to very big dog = fresh jerky.

# 8 – Birds.

Flying rats (pigeons), geese, and seagulls, oh my! Geese dived bomb me. Pigeons pooped on me. Seagulls charge at me. I hate birds.

# 7 – Dancing.

I may be Asian, but I dance like a stiff white man with no rhythm and two left feet. Can anyone say Disco?

# 6 – Babies.

Give me a baby and I will have no clue which end is what, then again at that age it’s all the same. I can handle young children, but not babies. Diapers, burping, crying, farting, the googoogaagaa…I’m completely clueless! Until the child is about 4, I will not have the slightest idea. Thanks honey!

# 5 – Clowns.

IT Clown and spiders.

# 4 – Becoming like my parents.

You get straight A’s or you stupid and don’t be successful. You too fat, you need to exercise. You can’t play with friends because friends is bad. You chores, clean house mean clean family.

# 3 – Girls.

“Naahhh…you’re beautiful. Would you want to come to my room so we can instant message and play Dungeons and Dragons?”

# 2 – Failure.

I never want to have to say sorry to you. I never want to fail you. I will do my best not to fail. I will not fail.

# 1 – ???

It will be posted Monday morning. Something to look forward to after a long weekend.


3 thoughts on “Things I’m Most Afraid of, Recap

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  2. I love that you’re afraid of babies…all men seem to be. When I used to babysit for an infant and I’d drag my ex boyfriend to come see the baby he would pretty much sit as far away as he possible could.

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