‘Tis the Season

I agree with John. The last few years, I have not enjoyed Christmas. The commercialism has taken over and the true meeting has escaped me. It is December first and I have already completed my Christmas shopping (minus small gifts for my students). To make matters worse, I have spent the most money on gifts to date. W.T.F.

As Advent begins, I aim to rededicate myself to the true meaning of Christmas. Now I will not be one of those religious fanatics and have signs that will say “Keep Christ in Christmas”, but I will heed the religious importance of Christmas and make my own personal pilgrimage to the manger. Aside from putting my faith in the forefront this Christmas, I am aware that I have been short changing charities. Someone will have a nice Christmas gift from me this year. Finally, as much as I dislike my immediate family, I will try to open my heart up to them this season as I have to my external family.

Alright! I’m determined this Christmas season to do this. Now, I just need someone to keep me in check. O:-)