Marshall Field’s Lives

I had no choice. I had to 1. walk into Macy’s and 2. buy something from Macy’s. I hate Macy’s. I’m a Midwesterner and a Chicagoan. I’m damn proud of my city. Bank of America? Keep dreaming, LaSalle Bank 4-ever! So when Macy’s took over Marshall Field’s, I refused to go into the store. Sadly, I had no choice the other day. I needed to by my god daughter a present and the only place I could get it was at Macy’s. Balls! So I reluctantly went to the Macy’s at Water Tower Place.

As I went up the escalators in Macy’s, I happened to notice something as I got off at each floor. The joy erupted in my heart. Marshall Field’s lives!


Drinking Beer w/ My Fever Friends!

Traditions are kept for a reason, they are not meant to be broken. Keeping up with tradition, I attended Formal de Fever this past weekend. This was my 9th Fever Formal of the 10 I’ve been invited to throughout the years. Yes, I’m old and there are more people who I do not know, but it was a good time.

Like tradition, everyone dressed up, had a nice dinner, and showed up fashionably late to Fever. It was Erica’s idea that we should dress classy (personally, I don’t know what’s wrong with Threadless shirts and jeans) for Fever. Classy or pimp, I can live with [the laughter]. However, nothing can exceed the wonderful times that are spent and shared at Fever. As an alum of Fever, the work that was put into each formal, the after party and the morning after brunch reminds me of the wonderful traditions I partook in college.

And yet, of all the traditions, there is one that I will always cherish. The feverformalisoverthisisthelastsongbeforewekickyouout song: American Pie. Arms over each other in a circle cramped in the tiny living room singing (and ad libbing) together…

Bye-bye, Miss American Pie.
Drove my Chevy to the levee
But the levee was dry.
Them good old were drinkin’ whiskey and
And singin’, “This will be the day that I die.” HELL NO!
“This will be the day that I die.”