re: Green is In

Now that the holiday season is among us, many of us have one common issue, “What do I get so-and-so for Christmas?” Well, here are some GREEN suggestions that does not include planting-a-tree-in-some-part-of-the-world-where-you-will-never-see-it:

Carbon Footprint – Ever wonder how much of a carbon footprint you leave on this planet? This wonderful site helps you calculate your carbon footprint. But that’s not all! You can offset it buy paying to offset your yearly carbon footprint by helping to plant trees, increase reusable energy, among other things. For your Christmas gift to yourself and your family this year, help offset your (or someone else’s) carbon footprint.

Flip & Tumble – Thanks to the Vlog Brothers, I came across this wonderful reusable grocery bag. It’s durable, sleek and small.

BTC Elements – For the fashionable, here’s a sharp eco-friendly clothing line. Be the change while still looking good.

Green Dimes – Hate junk mail? For $15, Green Dimes will constantly tell marketers to stop sending you junk mail. Not only will your mailbox be less cluttered, but you’ll be saving trees too!

Clean Air Gardening – Instead of throwing away all the trash in your kitchen, make it into compost. Who wouldn’t want a nice looking garden come spring time?

An Inconvenient Truth – Help educate others about our planet. Share this Academy Award winning documentary.

Who Killed the Electric Car? – Another wonderful documentary on how the United States became so oil dependent. A good push for those who are thinking of getting new cars.

Yummy Earth – Got a sweet tooth? Here’s some organic candy to ease that craving.

These are some of my suggestions to being green this holiday season. Let us all truly be green and share with each other what we all can do to protect our planet.

If you want to learn more about how to be green, I highly recommend this blog, EcoGeek, which is the work child of Hank Green from Brotherhood 2.0.


Green is In

Flappers were in style in the 20s. Polyester was in fashion in the 60s. Fashion did not exist in the 80s. Prep was the “in” of the 90s. Green is in style now.

For the last 2 years, people (celebrities in particular) find that it’s cool to think “green” and save the environment. I’m sorry but I’m sick of it. Honestly, how many people are truly “green”? Most people are doing it because it’s the thing to do versus actually caring about the environment. Stop jumping on the green-wagon when you don’t truly care or have any idea of what you’re doing! Yes, everyone should care about the environment and do more to help protect it. But please don’t do it because it’s cool.

I know I should do more to better protect our planet, but I’m not trying to be green because celebrities tell me to. I’m green because I truly care. I prefer biking than driving. I would bike to work everyday like I use to if 1. I had a safe bike route to my new school and 2. if I didn’t have to carry a $2K laptop w/ me each day. On weekends, I bike or take public transportation and only drive when necessary. I want to recycle but I don’t because there is no recycling in my building or facility near me. I keep my apartment cool in the winter to prevent tendencies to open a window when it’s hot; it’s easier to put on more layers. I use energy efficient bulbs and turn off the light when I don’t need it. I know I should turn my PC off at night and when I’m at work, but it’s hard saying no to instant information. Overall, I do my best and I do it because I believe in global warming and protecting the earth, not because someone tells me.

All of us need to do our part. However, please do it because you want to, not because some celebrity.