Everybody Poops

I know I’m afraid of babies, but I cannot deny the fact that they are cute and adorable. My goddaughter, for instance, is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I can’t help but be all cute around her. However, the stories her parents tell me (well, more like the father) are anything but cute.

I understand that first time parents learn as they go. However, I never met any first time parents that are so easily amused by their child. Particularly, by their daughter’s poop.

According to them, whatever their daughter eats, her poop will reflect it. For example, if she eats carrots, her poop is orange. If she eats peas, she’ll have green poop. Applesauce gives her yellow poop. Last I heard, they want to see if prunes would cause her to produce purple poop. Oh, but that’s not all! Apparently, the parents also weigh the baby before and after she poops to see the difference. Yeah. Sadly, when I become a father, I can totally see myself weighing my child before and after each diaper change. What’s even more sad, I’m curious about the difference in my own weight before and after I poo. I feel sorry for my future wife.

Mash potatoes anyone?