Green Christmas

Captain Planet says, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

. . .

One of the most economical and green Christmas that has been done time and time again throughout the centuries is…REGIFTING. Yes. Regifting. It’s economical because you don’t have to spend money. But more importantly, it’s green because 1. you don’t have to emit carbon to find a gift and 2. you don’t have to deal with random junk taking up space in your mi casa. Whoever invented regifting is a genius. That person should have won the Noble Prize with Al Gore.

So what did I regifted this year? A box. I needed a box for my ‘rent’s present. And this box was perfect. The angel ornament inside the box was just a bonus. Go Green! Yay regifting! And Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Green Christmas

  1. You know that gift…you know the one…I showed my mom and told her to take it and regift and she said “oh please. That’s too ugly to regift.”

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