Family Reunion

Family reunions for me always consisted of my parents dragging their children to a relative’s house, awkward hugs from aunts & uncles, the adults arguing over who was right, and then the adults vowing to never to talk to one other again. Last night was slightly different. I choose to go on my own, I was the adult, there was no awkward hugs, and the only yelling was that of people greeting each other. Unlike the Phamily reunions which I dread, the Quigley reunion was one that I don’t mind attending at all.

Almost 7 months since we were last together as a family, nothing has changed. Neither the closing, time or change phased any of us. We came together as one Quigley family where we celebrated mass at St. John Berchman’s, shared a meal and enjoyed each other’s company.

It was weird reuniting with the kids I knew so well last year and see how much they have grown (in maturity and height). They are young men now; good Catholic young men. True, the adjustment has not been easy for all and some are still trying to adjust. But the fact of the matter remain: we all miss Quigley. We miss our friends, our teachers, our home, our family. But for one night, everything was as if nothing had ever happened. We were together as we always were: a family. For the students, seeing old friends. For the faculty, seeing the boys grow up. For the parents, seeing what their son had and lost. And for the Quigley spirit, rising from the ashes once again.


Top 10 Quotes of 2007

Here are my Top 10 Quotes of the 2007:


No. 10:

 “Illinois beats Ohio State!”

            – Pham, yelling in Chicago when Illinois defeated #1 Ohio St.


No. 9:

“This message is for freshmen and sophomore homeroom teachers.  Please check them to see if their zippers or straps are broken.”

            – Pham

“I wouldn’t want to check their zippers!  When would we do this?  During naptime?”

            – Kathy B., during a faculty meeting


No. 8:

“I love Coach Lentine!  I love Coach Lentine!  I love Coach Lentine! You **** at you guys recording.”

            – Mauro H.

“I’m free!

            – John B.

“No come back!  Ooo!  My sexy coachy.”

            – Mauro H., in Coach Lentine Tribute video


No. 7:

“Oh, I got talent!”

            – Dave G., demonstrating his teacher skillz


No. 6:

“Since you brought it up. Do girls fart?”

            – Pham

“Yes!  And they smell just as bad as boy farts!”

            – Erica M.


No. 5:

 “…I want solid poo again.”

            – John B., Spirit of St. Louis Half-Marathon


No. 4:

“Confession, I’m not wearing deodorant.”

            – Katharine J., Chicago Distance Classic


No. 3:

“If another kid calls me Hermione, I’m going to punch that kid in the face.”

            – Katie S., on Halloween dressed as a Slytherin


No. 2:

“And the last graduate of Archbishop Quigley, Daniel Zaparaniuk.”

            – MGM, AQPS 2007 Graduation


No. 1:

“I miss it.”

            – Fr. Walsh., in reference to Quigley Seminary