It’s a Blog Off!

Pham: wow. you’re a nerd

Karen: duh, pham
Pham: i mean we’re all nerds
8:30 PM but scifi. that’s nerdier than i expected
Karen: yeah I got some serious nerd going on
Pham: i thought of you on the cooler side of the nerd spectrum
Karen: I am!
Pham: not on the uncool side where i’m at
8:31 PM did someone redefine the nerd spectrum? i’m so lost of where i belong now
8:33 PM so questoin. of the 4 bloggers, where do we all fall on the nerd specturm?
8:34 PM Karen: katharine’s supercool
and erica too
you and I are the bottom
Pham: ::sighs::
so who is cooler? you or me?
8:35 PM Karen: good question
jury’s still out
Pham: this sounds like a really good blog post
8:36 PM Karen: we should all take the quiz
and post our results
then we’ll see
Pham: uh oh
i like this
Karen: blog challenge!



It’s a Blog Off!

The Bloggers: Phampants vs Transubstantial

Phampants – Asian, short, glasses and as nerdy as they come.

Transubstantial Band geek, likes scifi, Animaniacs fan and Uber Nerd.

The Challenges:

Challenge #1:

Take an online Geek/Nerd Quiz. All questions must be answered truthfully and completely. Results are to be posted by 8pm on Saturday, January 19.

Challenge #2:

Post 3 of photos of yourself that truly reflects your nerdiness & geekiness. Each challenger must not hold back and post the best (or worse, depending on one looks at it) photo that displays the ultimate nerd. Photos are to be posted by 8pm on Tuesday, January 22.

Challenge #3:

Based on the information provided by both contestants, the public must vote on who is the “Nerdiest of Them All.” All votes are to be emailed to (address TBD) by 8 pm on Thursday, January 24.

The Nerdiest of Them All:

The final results will be posted by 9 am on Saturday January 26. Both contestants will post link to a 3rd party blog on Friday, January 25. The results won’t be posted until the day after to ensure that surprise of the contestants.

Oh Karen, it’s on!


4 thoughts on “It’s a Blog Off!

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  2. curses! you probably have more students than I have extended family! (I just shook my fist at the screen, awkward cause I’m at work…oops)

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