My Geek Quiz Answers

Per the request of a few readers, here are my Geek Quiz answers:

Start by choosing your gender: I am a guy.

Which of these number do you like best? 42

How many books do you read a month? 1 or 2

What operating system do you use? A bunch of different ones

Which web browser do you primarily use? None of the above / I use multiple browsers

How many windows do you usually have open? 8-12

Who shot first? Huh?

To “Grok” something is to: Intuitively understand it

Who created this: /(bb|[^b]{2})/ I have no idea

How is your handwriting? Chicken Scratch

What was the spacecraft’s name in the TV show “Firefly?” I have no idea

Have you ever taken something apart with the intention of fixing it or re-building it to make it better, stronger, faster? (This could be anything: your lawnmower, some source code, laptop, etc.) Yes, and it’s working much better now!

What is Slashdot’s slogan? News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters

Have you ever corrected a salesman on a technical issue about a gadget you’re considering purchasing? Yes

When did you start playing video games? 1986-1990

How do you primarily communicate with friends and family who aren’t within earshot? AIM, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Etc.

What was the name of the dragon in “The Hobbit – There and Back Again?” Smaug

Do you get anxious when you haven’t checked your email in a few hours? Yes

What Star Trek race has exceptional hearing? I have no idea

Have you ever solved a complex computer problem while in the shower? Yes

Did you read comic books after age 15? Yes

Have you ever won an academic competition, such as a spelling bee or math bee? Yes

Have you ever stayed up until sunrise while playing on your computer? Yes

What where yours Karen?


2 thoughts on “My Geek Quiz Answers

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  2. how can you not know that serenity is the ship in firefly!

    and that obviously han shot first and then stupid george lucas went and changed it…

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