ROUND 2: Personal Blackmail

(OMG! I can’t believe I’m posting these pictures!)

So here are some “white and nerdy” pictures of me:

BeanieAll my life, I always wanted a beanie. Why? I have no clue. You would always see them in cartoons and old TV shows, but never in real life. Even though I can’t wear hats that well, I always wanted one. I wanted to propel myself and fly. I mean, isn’t it the coolest thing ever? Oh how my heart sank when I found out beanies are the new names for wool skull caps. And then one day, I got a present from Sr. Mary Anne. Now my childhood is complete.


Bright & Shiny

When I worked for Newman, I had to devise of a way to get 350 students online and to the network without jeopardizing the security of the dorm. So I had each student run these CDs I created to ensure that their computer are secure and virus free. These CDs were only useful for the first week of school. After Labor Day, I had 350 coasters. For Halloween, I decided to make myself a chain mail with these CDs and called my costume, “Bright and Shiny.”








Alright, no one ever put me into the locker. I put myself in it. I always wanted to see if I could fit into my locker senior year. It was huge and roomie. I mean, if it was done by free will, it’s okay right? It’s not like I was being picked on by the jocks because I’m a nerd and all. I just wanted to do something different.

Top that Karen!


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