A Letter

Dear Discover,

For the past 6 years, I have been receiving mailings from you as you attempt to solicit me to sign up for your wonderful credit card.  Even a dog knows that after a while, if his owner does not respond, the dog will stop trying to get his owner’s attention.  However, a dog would know after 5 minutes.  It’s been 6 years.

I’m sure that your credit card is wonderful, but “NO” I am not interested.  Please stop sending me mailings that is filling my mailbox with unnecessary spam.  It is nice that when I check my mail, I get to see real letters from friends and the dreaded bills.  However, I am tired of this false hope that you have put upon me.  The psychological stress is unbearable.  Why must you taunt me with real mail?

Please remember that your weekly mailings to me has not only killed a couple trees but produced 30.444 tonnes of carbon waste each year.  Stop killing the environment!  Stop making me depressed when see mail.  And stop sending me these unwanted credit card mailings!

` John

P.S.  I am returning your last mailing to me.  Do not be surprised to find the credit card form in tiny tiny little pieces when you open it.


2 thoughts on “A Letter

  1. So you know how they put those “business reply mail” envelopes in there? I believe that you can send a reply up to a certain weight and the company will be forced to pay. I read online once that people packaged up a brick and put the envelope on the outside. Just a thought…

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