ROUND 3: 10 Things I Nerd About

Alright, it’s all tied up. Karen 1. Pham 1. Now for the tie breaker round. Here are 10 things I nerd about in no particular order:

  1. I’m proud that I use calculus and physics each day. When I make a left turn, I calculate the rate of change of the upcoming car and its acceleration to see if I can make this turn or not. Also, if I’m walking down the street and the wind is gusting at me, I cannot help but figure out the amount of resistance force the wind is causing me to slow down.
  2. I use to design and run an online BBS RPG with employees. We posted and used our imagination. The RPG was about Digimon, one of my favorite childhood shows. What’s sad was that it was one of the biggest Digimon BBS RPG on the internet. It fluctuated between #1 & #2. People would leave but always return because my RPG was more excited than the rest due to the scenarios I would always conjure.
  3. I placed 7th in the state of Illinois in computer science my senior year of high school for WYSE. I missed 6th place by 1 point. I also finished 3rd in St. Joseph’s college CS competition, 1 point off 2nd.
  4. I am a YouTube junkie. I have 72 different subscriptions that I keep up with each day. Poor Erica.
  5. I am a classics freak. I took 4 years of Latin and 1 year of Greek. I dream about going to Rome and can spend a week just gawking at the Colosseum. Erica showed me pictures of Romans ruins when she was there and I was able to name almost all of them. I was also the best in my Greek class beating out 2 valedictorians. When I play Civilization, I will always try to be the Romans or the Greeks. I still dream about being a Roman citizen.
  6. I read all 7 Harry Potter books for the first time ever this summer in a span of 3 weeks. It would have been 2 had I not started a new job.
  7. I feel naked without a laptop or computer by me. Surfing the net and IMing, what would I do without it? Oh, and let’s not forget YouTube and blogging. Spending 9 hours on the Internet a day is normal right?
  8. I think about the different aspects of sociology all day long. I usually keep my mouth shut about this though. People already know I’m a nerd, they just don’t know how bad.
  9. I asked a girl out to prom through AIM. Then again, I got asked to Fever Formal through AIM. Hmm…
  10. I find reading the specs of PCs, hardware, software, and other technology media a major turn on and uber sexy.

Alright Karen, give me your best shot.


3 thoughts on “ROUND 3: 10 Things I Nerd About

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  2. psh all yours are all like computery and stuff. I’m a much more well-rounded nerd.

    though I am endlessly amused by hard drive magnets…

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